Avon Corporation

Table of Contents

Company History

Financial Ratio Analysis

Risk Analysis

Capital Structure and Debt Analysis

Payout Analysis


Project Members:

Paige Frahm
Vince Gillies
Joesph Sanchez
Eric Thompson

Company Business:

Avon is a company for women based on giving women the opportunity to earn money while selling makeup and other beauty products from their homes and catalogs. Avon is extremely customer serviced based and seeks to make all customers and employees satisfied through the friendly spirit of Avon. Avon is sold by approximately 6.4 million active independent Avon Sales Representatives, most being women, all across the globe, in over 100 countries. This company has developed and perfected direct sales of their product, finding huge success. Avon is able to continue to refine their sales model and assist other growing companies wanting to attempt this same type of selling technique through their membership in the Direct Selling Association1.

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